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About Us

Hi, we're MANTLE

We are on a mission to provide simple but powerful self-care solutions, with the combination of Swedish values and Swiss science. Founded by female professionals in Stockholm, Sweden, we felt like there was something missing in our lives to cope with the everyday high demands on our time and energy
CEO Josefin Landgård is a serial entrepreneur who founded successful healthcare app Kry. On a trip to the US she tried CBD (short for cannabidiol, read more here) and was immediately hooked. She teamed up with brand strategist and yoga teacher Stina Lönnkvist to create the best and highest-quality CBD products on the market. 

If we were to guess, we would say that you are definitely keeping yourself busy too. You are balancing a career. A social life. Perhaps a family. Definitely digital and distractions. And if that wasn't enough: the sky-high demands we tend to put on ourselves

So let us ask: Where do you find time for yourself? Where do you find time for the little health hacks that helps you disconnect with stress and reconnect with yourself?

We don’t believe in time consuming 12-step beauty routines or artificial quick fixes. We believe in simple and natural health hacks that actually makes a difference in your daily life. 

Welcome to our world, we look forward to getting to know you.