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    High quality CBD

    10% organic broad spectrum hemp extract. THC free.

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    Highest quality hemp

    Highest quality hemp

    We have high standards. Our Original Oil contains nothing but 10% organic broad spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT (coconut oil). No THC. No badness, no secrets. 

    We only use the best quality hemp leaf extract 
    - organically grown, hand harvested and cold extracted in Switzerland. Every single batch is analysed by third party lab and tested for purity, safety and potency.

    Why MANTLE?

    Why MANTLE?

    We named the company MANTLE from the plant lady’s mantle. Lady’s mantle is a beautiful plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

    We love the symbolism in how lady’s mantle is gently collecting dew drops at dawn. We believe in the importance of taking care of ourselves with gentle and sustainable self-care routines. Our health really is the most precious thing we have. 

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