01 The Dismantle Issue

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We were - and are - tired of how the beauty industry often makes women feel worse about themselves. And it goes way back. Society has been ordering women how to look and act and be since the beginning of time. Don't be too loud, don't get hysterical, be assertive (but not too assertive), don't age (and if you do, don't let it show for God's sake - but also, don’t let people know you’ve “had work done” because that’s shameful), keep it together, but don't be uptight, please smile more, be soft and gentle, but not weak, look like this, but not too much, don’t look like that, make sure everyone's comfortable.

To dismantle something is to take something, such as a structure, apart so that it is in separate pieces. To destroy [something], and to gradually cause [something] to come to an end.

What we want to do is to dismantle the structure of beauty and womanhood, to begin what could gradually become the end of how we view ourselves. We will also start dissecting the prejudices about CBD and cannabis, and the content of our formulations, to really get to the core of our DNA at every level. Are you ready to dismantle this whole thing, MANTLE style? 

We are so happy that you’re about to get your hands on our very first MANTLE Mag; The DisMANTLE Issue. Welcome to our world. In this safe space you can be who you are. Just elevated. 

90 pages 13,5 x 21
Amie Bramme Sey

Alice Eriksson

Amanda Gylling

Cassandra Rasmussen Taleb

Charlotte Manning

Ellen Thorngren

Estelle Graf

Felicia Masalla

Hanna Petersson

Josefin Landgård

Kajsa Stenvinkel

Lina Alarabi

Linnéa Ruiz Mutikainen

Lisa Larsson

Lovisa Lindén

Madelene Möllard

Meike Fleskens

Melika Farshad

Maryam Missawi

Stina Lönnkvist

Susan Stjernberger 
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