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Sunday CBD Ceremony, November 22nd


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MANTLE and Remedy hereby invite you to the second of a series of Sunday CBD Ceremonies taking place at Remedy Stockholm. 

Throughout centuries, people have met together in churches and other sacred places on Sundays. Regardless of culture or spiritual orientation, we believe in the power of community - and in taking time for yourself. Through offering monthly ceremonies, we intend to create and provide a safe space to initiate rest, recovery, and growth - while sharing simple yet powerful health hacks that can elevate your overall well-being. 

During this ceremony, we will introduce you to CBD - MANTLE’s founder and meditation teacher Stina Lönnkvist will share everything you need to know about CBD itself as well usage tips and recommended dosage. Afterward, we will immerse ourselves in a meditation and journaling exercise followed by tea and Remedy’s deeply meditative sound healing under the comfortable heat of infrared panels. Our mission and intention with this Sunday ceremony is to remind you that rest is productive too. 

Date: Sunday 22nd of November
Time: 11.15 AM - 13.00 PM 
Location: Artillerigatan 26, Remedy Stockholm
Cost: 34

Wear comfortable clothing. Your receipt email works as your ticket.

Please note that this is a small event with a very limited amounts of spots to comply with Covid-19 safety restrictions. 

About Remedy
Remedy was established in the spring of 2020 by the renowned Stockholm Pilates Center principals Carita Lesche and Amelie Parchami. With their combined broad experience of running Stockholm Pilates Center for 20 years, they took the leap to realize their dream of a fusion studio with cutting edge approaches to proactive health, which involve blending the best of new and old remedies – physical and spiritual.

Carita and Amelie have created a sanctuary, a blissful but energetic space for you to seek your remedies. Here you can forget the busy day-to-day life and immerse yourself in what your body and soul crave to find.