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At MANTLE, we're passionate about walking our talk.
This is our core philosophies that we always strive to bring to life.

No Nonsense

Hey, nobody likes clichés, non-potent ingredients or silk-wrapped semi-lies. We always strive for authenticity and quality: both in our products and in our actions. We don’t believe that there needs to be a trade-off between natural and effective. By choosing the right ingredients, and setting high standards all along the production, our goal is always to have the best of two worlds. This also go beyond the products. We don't try to convey perfection, but be authentic in our actions and communication. 

Nature First

We swear by the wellness-boosting powers of nature. And for best results, we must support the wellbeing of nature in return. We want everything we do to be 100% clean and 0% questionable. Acting sustainably is not the cherry on top, it’s the base from which MANTLE is born. Our very name, MANTLE, comes from the plant lady's mantle as an hommage to nature and the women in history who have sought remedies and wisdom in it. Our hemp (cannabis) leaves are organically sun-grown in Switzerland according to the highest BioSuisse standards, before they are hand-picked and cold-pressed to get CBD of the highest quality and potency. This positively affects both nature and what you get from it - a win-win!

The MANTLE Movement

No woman is an island. MANTLE is always community-led and we honor generosity, vulnerability and authenticity. The modern woman is our biggest inspiration, and we want to support her journey towards personal sustainability, long-term wellness and balance. Our passion is to help people reclaim their power through self-care, and become a wellness universe for health and beauty – two things that are often separated but really are closely interconnected. We believe that rest is productive, and that you need to fill up your own cup before you can be there for others. 

Better Each Day

We live the brand because we love the brand. MANTLE is female-founded, female-funded, and female-operated. We are passionate about the all-goodness-zero-badness power of CBD, and are creating the very products that we ourselves wished were out there. We aim to act in a regulated way in a still unregulated market, and set a new trajectory for modern wellness. Have an idea for a new product or some feedback on our current offering? Shoot! We aim to get better each day, and as a part of our community, you are our most valuable advisor.