The MANTLE philosophy


MANTLE’s products are designed with premium quality and unapologetic freedom in mind. The product line offers an antidote to a time consuming 12-step beauty routine filled with dos and don'ts. We’re here to provide you with multi-functional premium products that make you remember you’re too important to ever settle for mediocre.

The inspiration for our line came from founders Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist being fed up with natural beauty products that just didn’t do a good enough job. They were also fed up with the alternative, active products that contained all sorts of ingredients you’d never put on your skin if you knew what they really were. So when it comes to our ingredients, we refuse to make compromises. 

The concept of MANTLE’s range is to combine the best of both worlds. All products consist of a powerful blend of actives + botanicals to promote radical results with minimal effort. The star of the show is the non-psychoactive cannabis extract CBD - known for its ability to restore skin’s equilibrium and enhance overall skin vitality. 

Our products are designed to eliminate signs of stress and restore skin’s vibrancy through deep hydration and proper nourishment. Each product has been formulated to feed your skin with all it needs and nothing else. We’ve had versatile use in mind, so that you can have total permission to create a unique routine that works for you.

We celebrate creativity and strongly believe that the most brilliant ideas come from breaking the rules. It’s only in giving up on trying to attain everything we’re not, that we can become everything we are.