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What are the ingredients in MANTLE Original Oil?
Our oil only contain 10 % organic hemp leaf extract and 90 % organic MCT (coconut oil). 

What is hemp?
The hemp plant is a highly diverse plant with thousands of usage opportunities. Since it is so strong, its natural fibers can be incorporated into thousands of products - such as construction material, textiles and hygiene products. Its seeds and flowers are used across the globe as food, fiber, supplements and medicine.

Is the oil legal?
The Oil is legal to buy in Sweden, all across Europe and in many other countries around the world. 

Can I get high or stoned on the oil?
No. There are no psychoactive properties in the Original Oil, so it is not possible to get “high” from it. 

How do I take MANTLE Original Oil?
MANTLE Original Oil come as an oil in drop form. There are many different ways to take it, but the most effective way is to drop some oil under your tongue and hold it for there for 30-45 seconds. This method allows it to be absorbed by the capillaries under your tongue, which is the quickest way to absorb it into the body. You can also add the oil to drinks or food. 

What effects will I feel from using your products?
Everyone responds differently. Try it to see how it works for you. What we know is that the Oil seem to be balancing for our bodies. Let us know how you get on!

What time of the day should I take the Original Oil?
You decide! It can support you throughout the day, depending on how you want to use. Some feel that it helps them unwind after a long day, others finds it helpful as a tool in their morning meditation before they start their busy day. Experiment to the find the times of the day that work for you.

How do I know if the Oil is working for me?
It’s all about your own experience. We recommend focusing inward and feel. Pay attention to when and where you are noticing the difference, if there is any. We like to use the oil as a daily routine for a seven day period, after we decide whether to increase or decrease the dose.

Is the Original Oil vegan? 

How should I store my Original Oil?
We recommend storing our oils in a cool, dry, dark place to protect the cold-pressed oils and active ingredients.

Where is the MANTLE Original Oil made? 
All our oils are grown and extracted in Switzerland.

To where do you ship?
We are happy to provide free express shipping with Budbee and Postnord! We ship to all of Europe. 

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