As you age, your skin begins to lose its natural plumpness because of a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin—two major structural proteins that give firmness and elasticity to your skin.
The skin analysis
The skin analysis

The skin analysis

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  • Find the routine for your skin Find the routine for your skin For the ultra-sensitive If you are prone to redness, irritation, eczema and your skin reacts to strong actives, this is the routine for you. Start by cleansing with our gentle, microbiome-balancing cleanser, The Magic Milk. While skin is damp, pat... Continue reading
  • Three personas Three personas In an exclusive collaboration between MANTLE and perfume makers CRA-YON, come two new CBD infused scents to complement The High Road. The Fougère Affair and The Dusk Daze, together with The High Road create The Perfume Oil Trio – a... Continue reading
  • Meet bakuchiol Meet bakuchiol Bakuchiol is a plant-based skincare ingredient that has taken the cosmetic industry by storm. Extracted from the seeds of the babchi plant, bakuchiol is considered a natural alternative to retinol, with all the same benefits such as smoothing fine lines,... Continue reading
  • The gift that keeps on giving The gift that keeps on giving The Advent Calendar is the ultimate gift for any skincare enthusiast. Whether you are new to MANTLE or a seasoned CBD skincare fan, this advent calendar is for you. Inside you will find five full-size products, perfect for a holiday... Continue reading