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Balancing your Menstrual Cycle Rollercoaster

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Balancing your Menstrual Cycle Rollercoaster

Did you know women tend to buy sexier clothes during their ovulation? And that estrogen levels the week after the period can trigger anxiety attacks? Welcome to the rollercoaster of having a uterus! Let us guide you through your cycle and give you balancing morning routines designed for the week you’re in.

Week one – Starting with your period
– ”I can’t take it!”

Do you feel like clearing your calendar from all social activity, pull down the curtains and roll yourself up in a blanket? Say hello to week one! It starts the same day as you get your period and can make you tired, nervous, anxious and unfulfilled. So remember not to be too hard on yourself when you cancel your yoga class or take a raincheck on brunch - it’s your low estrogen and iron levels playing their usual tricks. But hang in there! Just a couple of days into your period your estrogen level will rise and you’ll feel like yourself again. The energy, joie de vivre and will to see people will be back before you know it.

Morning routine week one – The iron boosting juice

We get it. Now just isn't the time to introduce a four step and twelve ingredient-smoothie à la Gwyneth Paltrow - the first days of this week are all about survival. So when you're off to the grocery store to buy your chocolate, make sure to pick up squeezed beetroot juice. During the period, your iron levels drop and you may feel tired and get a little purple under the eyes. Therefore, start your mornings this week with a glass of beetroot juice with four drops of CBD oil to balance your body. Do you think the beetroot flavor is a little too earthy? Try squeezing in a few drops of lemon juice.

CBD against pain

Week two – One week after the first day of the period
– ”I take on the world”

Are you suddenly hit by a dose of inspiration and feel the urge to spontaneously throw a dinner party? Welcome to the follicular phase! Now both your estrogen and testosterone levels are peaking and it’s a perfect time to dig into what you’ve postponed and create new habits. However, and, sorry for being party poopers, don’t forget to chill out between the activities. High estrogen levels can trigger anxiety attacks. And if you’re sensitive to caffeine try to drink less coffee this week.

Morning routine week two – Ground yourself with CBD-meditation

Place 2 drops of CBD oil under your tongue and meditate for 5–10 minutes. Now that you’re in a full on action week the Headspace app’s meditations under the category ”Work & Productivity” fits extra well. Especially the episodes ”Finding focus” and ”Creativity” to ground your flowing energy.

Week three – Two weeks after the first day of your period
– ”Tired but sexy”

Tired but sexy sounds like an interesting combo, right? Two weeks after the first day of the period, your energy will lower. A few days after your ovulation you may feel slow and sluggish, because a hormone called progesterone is rising as your testosterone and estrogen levels drop. For some, the tiredness feels soothing and snuggly, like you want to stay at home. A good thing about this week, however, is that you feel sexier - you’re now fertile and your body is getting ready to get a baby. Studies even show that women tend to buy sexier clothes during ovulation and that one’s voice becomes slightly more high-pitched. See if you notice any difference next time you enter week three.

Morning routine week three – Kickstart with coffee

During this snooze fiesta you might need a kickstart in the morning. Start the days with a few drops of CBD in your coffee.

CBD calming

Week four – The week before the period
– ”Mood swing party”

Here, estrogen levels drop, lowering your serotonin levels (which make you happy). Simultaneously, your stress levels might increase, and your mood can be unstable, with feelings of anger, irritation, self-hatred, anxiety and sadness. Say hi to the mood swing party called PMS! Besides the bumpy mood ride, physical symptoms can include cramps, migraine, diarrhea, acne and bloating. Try to just ride out the storm and remember to be aware of what your PMS is telling you; Are you extra moody or feel more physical pain than you usually do? Pay attention to it and be mindful. PMS is a critical tool in deciphering overall health. Also, don’t forget to enjoy the chocolate that’s extra tasty right now (especially Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt).

Morning routine week four – Balancing CBD matcha

Probably this is the week you’ll be enlightened by the power of CBD. Here, you need physical and mental harmony. Instead of starting off your morning with a kick-off coffee that unfortunately triggers the PMS, we replace it with a CBD-matcha to balance the restlessness. Heat oat milk, mix it with a few tablespoons of matcha powder and add 3 drops of CBD oil. Want to sweeten it up? Add some honey to it.