Three personas

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Three personas

In an exclusive collaboration between MANTLE and perfume makers CRA-YON, come two new CBD infused scents to complement The High Road. The Fougère Affair and The Dusk Daze, together with The High Road create The Perfume Oil Trio – a collection of three scents to encapsulate three distinct personas.

MANTLE The Fougère Affair

The scent of solar awakening and uninhibited elation

The Fougère Affair highlights the positivity in life, the light in your eyes. Top notes of lemon, sweet orange and eucalyptus, heart notes of cannabis and lavender and base notes of cedarwood, vetiver and moss, emanate joyful ease and magnetic confidence. Apply it to pulse points to transform into a ray of sunshine on a dull day.

MANTLE The Dusk Daze Perfume Oil

The scent of timeless decadence and lingering touch

The Dusk Daze symbolises the dark, masculine energy we all carry. Top notes of black pepper and bergamot, heart notes of geranium and saffron, and base notes of amber, vetiver and palo santo, make it subtle yet strong, personal, intimate and arousing. Wear The Dusk Daze to feel your most sensual and unforgettable.

MANTLE The High Road Perfume Oil

The scent of unfading infatuation and illicit behaviour

The High Road encapsulates elegance and feminine strength, while hinting at what lies beneath, our most secret desires, whatever they may be. Top notes of fig leaf, sage and cannabis, heart notes of coconut, violet and lily, and base notes of amber, vetiver, musk and cedarwood evoke ambition, luxury and lust. Use The High Road to bring out your inner power.

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