Treat Yourself & Friends With CBD Summer Mocktails

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Treat Yourself & Friends With CBD Summer Mocktails

Did somebody say mocktails? We're all here for it. Hot days and lukewarm evenings make us crave something cool and soothing to refresh ourselves and our tastebuds. How can you spice up your mocktails this summer? CBD does the trick for that extra balancing effect and is a great ingredient to experiment with in the bar! Below is a recipe of the perfect CBD mocktail to impress your friends this summer.  

Noperol Spritz


10 cl SanBitter by San Pellegrino 

10 cl alcohol-free sparkling wine

3 drops of MANTLE's The Original Oil


2 strawberries, thinly sliced 

1 orange clove  

4 mint leaves

a few sprinkles of mint to go on top   


Cubed ice

Serving Glas

Wine glas   

CBD drinks benefit


1 - Begin by adding strawberries and the mint leaves in the bottom of the wine glas 

2 - Add the cubed ice 

3 - Fill the glas with San Bitter, sparkling wine och mix gently 

4 - Garnish with the orange and a few sprinkles of mint 

5 - Drop some of The Original Oil on top 

* Recipe by Andres Basile, Bar Manager at Alma Trädgårdh, Stockholm

Want more CBD mocktail inspiration? Here is a recipe for a CBD Ginger Spice mocktail. Cheers!

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