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5 Ways to Add CBD to Your At-Home Spa Day

5 Ways to Add CBD to Your At-Home Spa Day

5 Methods to Add the Use of CBD To Your Spa Treatment Program

I think we can all agree on one thing - the whole world deserves a spa day after the pandemic we have all lived through this year. Sadly, with tight restrictions still in place in many countries around the globe, many spas remain closed to the public. The good news is: the magic that happens inside the walls of a spa can be replicated at home.

We know you probably don't have a heated plunge pool in your house, but who says we can't reproduce some at least some spa magic in our bathrooms? We may be missing a masseuse, but thankfully CBD oil and maybe a special someone can give us a helping hand.

Indeed, this cannabinoid is the perfect route to creating a balancing, remote spa day that is as close as possible to the real deal. CBD will ensure you reap the utmost balancing effect when you integrate it into your treatments. We will be advising how you can incorporate CBD into your self-care routine, but not before going over the basics to do with this phytochemical that has the whole world's attention.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of over 100 naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Some of its fellow cannabinoids include THC, CBN, CBG as well as many others. Yes - you read correctly. THC is the psychoactive part of cannabis that is notorious for getting users of recreational marijuana "high" due to its mind-altering effects. CBD, however, does not cause intoxication. Though the two cannabinoids stem from the same plant, CBD and THC are two very different compounds. CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC in them unless they have undergone additional filtering to eradicate the THC. That said, laws in most EU countries and the UK impose a limit on the THC content permitted in a CBD product. This limit is 0.2%, and 0.3% in the US. With so little THC, CBD products will not intoxicate the user. All MANTLE's products are THC free (read more below).

Surely, then, given its close affiliation with THC, CBD must have some negative effects. You'll be pleased to know that whilst studies have been carried out to determine whether CBD has adverse effects, few have been reported over the years. Those that have been were minor, including nausea, diarrhoea and weight and appetite changes, usually when consuming very high doses.


At MANTLE, our CBD is made in Switzerland and cultivated following Bio-Suisse organic standards. Our hemp is grown in natural sunlight and uses pesticide-free soil. Every harvest has been carefully handpicked by taking the best parts of the hemp plant in its natural habitat. The CBD is then extracted using the environmentally friendly and non-toxic supercritical CO2 cold extraction method. This ensures the preservation of all the active plant ingredients. Every single batch is analysed by a third-party lab and tested for purity and potency to ensure consistent dosage and safety. 

Our CBD oil contains 10% CBD and uses organic MCT oil (from coconuts) as its carrier oil.

We use broad-spectrum CBD extract, which means the CBD has been through extra filtering to eliminate the THC. Everything else is left as is, because, at MANTLE, we keep it all-natural. We also retain the naturally-occurring terpenes in the CBD, due to their complex properties which work well collectively. The synergy of the CBD and terpenes produces what is known as the 'entourage effect.' This refers to the way all these compounds enhance one another when working collaboratively, to produce the best effects when you take CBD.

CBD benefits

Bioavailability: explained

Bioavailability refers to the extent and rate at which the active agent in a compound enters where it can begin getting to work. The bioavailability of a particular compound varies depending on its dosage and its format.

Essentially, if a compound has a bioavailability of 80%, your cells will use around 80% of the total amount of the compound you take. When a compound is taken orally, it usually has low bioavailability. In fact, the only method of consumption that has a bioavailability of 100% is injection or intravenous consumption. Still, naturally, we don't recommend this form of consumption for obvious reasons of safety. The reason why oral consumption has such low bioavailability is that it has to travel down the digestive tract and undergo enzyme breakdown. During this journey, a compound loses much of its potency on the way.

As you may already know, CBD is not classed by most regulators as a 'drug.' For any herbs, dietary supplements or other nutrients, then, bioavailability refers to the fraction or quantity of the ingested dose (supplements are largely oral) that is absorbed by the body and made available for use or storage.

Integrating CBD into your spa treatment

We hope we haven't lost you in all that information. Now for the main event: how you can get this cannabinoid involved in your spa treatments. We've got you covered there, with five ideas on how you might incorporate CBD into your spa day.

CBD Bath bombs

Who doesn't love a long soak in a hot relaxing bath? With CBD-infused bath bombs, getting balanced has never been so simple. A bath bomb will only be absorbed transdermally. However, as soon as the aromas of a CBD bath hit you, you are sure to feel more centered. If you want to go the extra mile, why not dim the lights, light some candles around you and head to our ​Spotify page to find our carefully crafted playlists such as "Zen Express" or "Self-Care Sesh"? Lying in a steamy CBD bath could be a perfect first step in the spa day. Take care, though, not to fall asleep in the bath!

CBD Topicals

Once you're dried off from your CBD bath, applying a CBD topical is the perfect next stage in your spa day! Or perhaps you skipped the entree, and you're looking to get straight into a massage. Swapping a traditional massage oil for a CBD balm or lotion is a great way to reach ultimate levels of self-care. Massaging a CBD balm into your skin will not only make the treatment feel like an authentic spa treatment, but it will also unlock the nourishing powers CBD has on the skin. Even better, you could ask whoever you're having your spa day with to massage it into your skin for you. CBD balms are a great way to target specific sensitive areas of the skin and can help you feel more balanced, too. A a CBD topical, like a bath bomb, will have an impact on your general wellness because you're pampering yourself, and it has some great calming and soothing skin benefits. 

Pop a note in your calendar that our CBD skincare range will launch in December of this year. This premium selection will include a serum, multi-balm and overnight mask. We are proud that our skincare range is arriving despite the turmoil taking place in the world, giving you new and exciting luxury products to try at a time when you need them most. Make sure to sign up with your email on our homepage to be one of the first ones to know when they are launched!

CBD oils

A CBD oil either comes with a syringe or a built-in pipette to drop the contents onto or under your tongue. CBD oils are a great way to get the balancing effect of CBD quickly. Thanks to their excellent bioavailability, which is said to be somewhere in between 20-30%, the centering effect of sublingual CBD oils can be felt as quickly as 30 minutes after administering the drops under your tongue. If you prefer to take CBD in a way that conceals the taste, why not add a drop of your tincture to your spa-day smoothie or mocktail, drinking it gradually whilst you undergo your spa treatments? With your CBD-infused drink by your side, perhaps try some meditation to reap the ultimate feeling of bliss you need for a successful spa day.  

At MANTLE, the CBD oil is our speciality. Our Original Oil contains 10% organic broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and organic MCT oil; it also does not contain any THC. Another perk of our oil is its 100% vegan status - it's completely guilt-free. 

Remember, if you're taking the CBD oil sublingually, hold the oil there for at least 30-60 seconds before swallowing whatever remains! A pro tip is to close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths while it absorbs.

CBD benefits for anxiety

CBD drinks and edibles

Be it a buck’s fizz or a hot aromatic tea; spa days are best with a drink in hand. Out there in the CBD market, you will find a range of CBD-infused beverages, in case you prefer a pre-made beverage to concoct one yourself with a tincture. CBD infused teas and coffees, or any drinks for that matter should be ingested orally as normal beverages would be. When taken in this way, CBD has a bioavailability of between 6%-20%. We love to start and end our day with a lovely hot cup of tea, as it can be both refreshing and grounding. This also goes for CBD edibles. You can sandwich your spa treatments by indulging in a chocolatey interval, with any CBD-infused chocolate or gummy. The enjoyment will come immediately, the effects later on!

CBD Vapes

If you are looking to make spa days a regular occurrence, it may be worth investing in a CBD vape. Before your day of spa treatments, it could be a good idea to prepare your body for the upcoming experience by taking a draw or two from a CBD vape. Vaping with a CBD vape oil or e-liquid is known to be the most effective way for CBD to absorb efficiently. After inhaling the CBD vapour, you may start to feel the effects of the cannabinoid within a mere 15 minutes. This is because of the superior bioavailability of vaping, which is estimated to be somewhere around 34%-56%, the highest known bioavailability for taking CBD that isn't intravenous consumption. 

Vapes may come in a plethora of different flavours and can encourage you to pause and breathe - a vital ritual for any spa day. The right CBD vape oil should contain no nicotine, little to no THC (up to 0.2% or 0.3% depending on where you are) and no additives like PG or VG, or toxic substances such as Vitamin E acetate.

CBD dosage

Knowing what dose to give yourself can be difficult. When in doubt, start low and gradually increase the concentration you take by around 5 mg every day until you find a dose that suits you. The most common dosage ranges from 20-40mg per dose, and some people will take one dose per day, others two or three, depending on the strength of a product and their own experience using CBD. The dosage will also depend on factors like metabolism, weight, age, your health condition, the concentration of a given CBD product, as well as others. The FSA generally advises that you do not exceed the consumption of 70mg per day.

To bear in mind

There are always important things to consider before beginning your CBD journey. If you feel the least bit unsure about starting - practising, mindfulness, or yoga can work very nicely to calm your mind. 

Finally, whichever CBD product or products you may choose to incorporate into your SPA day, or even every day, make sure you are consistent with your self-care routine. 

Remember that CBD alone will not guarantee pure balance. Doing other things towards self-care is imperative to make sure you get the most out of your CBD use and spa treatments. Buy your products only from a reputable brand, where all products regularly undergo third-party lab-testing. The Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a great place to start for checking out reputability. The COA will tell you the cannabinoid and terpene profile of any CBD product, letting you know exactly what’s gone into it and that it has undergone rigorous testing by a verified laboratory. User reviews are also a trusty port of call for deciding on a CBD product!

Are you ready for some R&R?

Now that you have five great tips on how you can integrate CBD into your spa treatments, you're all set to begin on the path to balance. For those lucky enough to be able to access a real spa, we envy you! Why not take your CBD products in too? If it is CBD topicals you're a fan of, you could take it into your message and ask the masseuse to apply it for you. Or you could drop some CBD oil under your tongue before heading into your treatment room. Another option is to take a couple of draws from your CBD vape either at the beginning or throughout the day, making sure to step outside or into a given smoking area of the spa before doing so.

Whichever way you choose to weave CBD into your spa day, we hope you reach unmatched levels of balance!