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Internet’s Best Wholesome Content Right Now

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Internet’s Best Wholesome Content Right Now

Ever heard of wholesome content before? If not, you’ve probably seen those cute babies, animals or family reunions all over social media. Wholesome content is the content that tug on the heartstrings, bring happy tears to our eyes, or just give us a warm, soothing feeling. No judgements or harsh opinions, just the simple pleasures. All around the world we consume bad news (because good news doesn't sell any newspapers - or clicks), alarmist posts on social media and intense discussions. Whether we do it purposefully or not, it’s there. And while we firmly believe staying updated is useful, feeling stress and anxiety is not what we want.

During tense times, wholesome content might be exactly what we need, don't you think? Plunge into our little pool of wholesomeness, like some cotton candy for your soul. Regain faith in humanity and the power of good vibes. Here is a list of our favorite wholesome escapes on the internet right now!

Get lost in Rob Ross paintings

Watch Bob Ross paint a vibrant sun high in the sky or a snowy cozy winter paradise. The man who coined the saying “we don’t make mistakes, we make happy little accidents” became an internet sensation long after his paint-along show aired. We’ve never painted along with Bob (to be honest, the result would probably be a whole canvas of “happy little accidents”), but we love to watch him paint. It’s like a sleepy good night story for grown-ups!

First Aid Kit sings for Emmylou Harris  

We've watched this several times, and it never fails to tear our eyes. Sister duo First Aid Kit sings for Emmylou Harris on the Polar Music Prize and she gets moved to tears. It awakens a trivial feeling of love for humanity. Even the king of Sweden gets moved! Plus, what’s more soothing than perfect harmonies?

For more calming First Aid Kit vids – watch their live concert on @firstaidkitband saved IGTV.

Cappuccino poetry

Is it the fluffy fluff on top? The esthetical beiges? We don’t know for sure, but we do know that these coffee hugs soften us up inside. It makes us wanna keep scrolling forever! 

Taylor swift adopts the cutest cat

What’s more calming than a kitten purring? We’d say nothing! Watch Taylor Swift and the whole team cuddle with a kitten. The look on her face when they say “he is available” is priceless! Where can we find our own quarantine cat?

The power of funny memes

Let’s not underestimate the soothing effect laughter can have. In these uncertain times, a smile or laughter can really spark some calmness. Also, they say boredom is excellent for creativity. These creative quarantine memes proves that!

Enjoy and stay safe!