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How to Balance Your Caffeine Intake With CBD Coffee

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How to Balance Your Caffeine Intake With CBD Coffee

MANTLE employee Natalie shares her experience with CBD coffee below along with details on how to make it yourself: 

As caffeine tends to make me jittery and anxious I've tried to cut back on my coffee intake. It's easier said than done for someone who loves the taste and habit of drinking coffee. A normal day's coffee consumption usually goes something like this: A strong cup to wake me up in the morning (OK - tbh, I make it two). Another cup to go with my elevenses. A cappuccino for post lunch digestion. Not to forget my afternoon coffee break. No wonder I have been struggling with getting off to sleep at night with all that caffeine in my system!

The game really changed when I discovered CBD coffee. For someone who wasn't ready to give up on the boosted life quality derived from my daily coffee ritual I was over the moon. 

What is CBD-infused coffee?

CBD coffee may sound more complicated than it is. Essentially it's cannabidiol (CBD) added to any form of coffee - whether it be an espresso, cold brew or latte. The CBD can either be infused during the roasting process or added as a CBD oil after the coffee is prepared. The latter may imply that your coffee cup tastes and smells more like hemp, i.e. a bit herby. What you decide on is all about preference. 

Actually, there is a third option if you don't want to dilute the natural taste of coffee - simply drink your coffee of choice and take a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue afterwards. It works just as well! 

Where can I buy CBD coffee?

There are sites that offers various CBD-infused coffee roasts. The beans used in commercial roasts are infused with CBD over time to cover the plant-like taste. It tends to be more expensive than the DIY option below.

Depending where you're based, CBD coffee may be available at your local coffee shop. It usually appears on the menu as an add-in, just like a milk alternative or sweetener. 

If you live in Stockholm, head over to the popular vegan, health café Mahalo with locations on Odengatan and Hornsgatan to try CBD drinks with MANTLE's The Original Oil. They even offer a delicious CBD-infused matcha latte! 

Benefits of CBD in Coffee

How do I make CBD coffee at home?

CBD coffee is possible to do yourself at home. 

Stick to your usual ingredients and method you use when making coffee - your preferred roast, milk and coffee maker. When I'm feeling lazy, Nespresso capsules are a fave of mine!

Prepare your coffee cup and add a few drops of your CBD oil of choice (of course I use The Original Oil. I highly recommend using a spoon, frother or blender to mix the oil with the coffee and milk. 

Experiment with the ratio of coffee to CBD that works best for you. I began with 3 drops of MANTLE's CBD oil (which contains 10% organic broad-spectrum CBD) to make one cup. Start small and try how the coffee tastes before adding more! The strength and potency of the CBD oil your using will of course play a large role here. 

Use the right quality CBD for your coffee

All CBD is not created equal. As with any commodity, quality matters. If you want a good CBD coffee - be sure to use the best ingredients. The best CBD is produced and sourced from organic farms.

MANTLE's CBD Oil is made in Switzerland and cultivated following Bio-Suisse organic standards. Every harvest is carefully handpicked by taking the best parts of the hemp plant in its natural habitat. The CBD is thereafter extracted using the environmentally friendly and non-toxic supercritical CO2 cold extraction method. This ensures the preservation of all the active plant ingredients. Every single batch is analysed by third party lab and tested for purity and potency to ensure consistent dosage and safety. The production outcome is a pure, vegan oil that is free of THC and GMO. 

In order to verify the quality of the CBD you're consuming - using an oil that has received a third party approval is recommended. This way, you can trust that the CBD remains THC- and GMO-free.

CBD Benefits in Coffee

Why should I drink CBD coffee?

Think of CBD and coffee as a balancing act. On one end, you'll find coffee, a powerful stimulant that provides energy whenever you need it most — the more cups of coffee you drink, the more energized you'll feel. But drink too much coffee and things can get a little out of hand. 

CBD coffee is for anyone who want the best of both worlds; a splash of caffeine to get you moving and some CBD to keep you balanced. 

I'm definitively a fan. 

Now I would love to hear how you get along! Head over to MANTLE's Community Group on Facebook to share your CBD coffee experience