Why is CBD the Next Big Thing in Drinks?

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Why is CBD the Next Big Thing in Drinks?

Why is CBD the next big thing in drinks? Star bartender Andres Basile has the answer! With experience from working at Nobis and Fotografiska in Stockholm he is well acquainted with taste and beverages. Nowadays you'll find him as bar manager at Alma Trädgårdh at Alma's - a members' club and private workspace -Stockholm location. Recently he has been using CBD oil from MANTLE as one of the key ingredients in his drinks. 

We sat down with Andres Basile to pick his brain on how he experiments with creating delicious mocktails that leave a lasting impression.  

- I want everyone to be able to make drinks with easy accessible ingredients. When it comes to alcoholic options there has not really been any elements to make a drink unique before, that's why it's been extra exciting using CBD. It's exploded around the world but in Sweden it's a new way to spice up food and beverages. Personally, I love CBD and want to inspire others to well composed and appetizing alcohol-free CBD-drinks that anyone can mix together. 

Delicious CBD Ginger Spice Mocktail

Why do you think CBD is among the most interesting ingredients within food and beverage to date? 

- I like anything that can elevate my guests drinking experience, making it more dynamic and in this case an inch more holistic and wholesome. What's interesting about CBD is that it not only adds a unique taste but also a feeling. We live in stressful times, not only due to Corona but in general there is a new world out there with a constant flow of information and impressions. I welcome anything that can make us more balanced!

What about MANTLE's The Original Oil caught your attention? 

- It's a product of the highest quality and MANTLE is a very professional player within the CBD industry. The production process is fully transparent which I think is extremely important when it comes to introducing new products for the European market. The oil is also 100% organic and the team are very environmentally conscious which I appreciate. 

How would you describe the taste profile of the oil and what does it bring to drinks?

I think it has soft, green elements with earthy tones that you'd find in top-quality olive oils but also in some brews of beer and wine that is naturally produced. There is a freshness in the herby taste that appeals to me a lot. With the herbal element and the characteristics of the oil a whole universe of possibilities open up in the creation of alcohol-free beverages. 

Below is a recipe of one of Andres go-to CBD mocktails for you to try yourself! 

Also be sure to check out the recipe of his Noperol Spritz if you need more CBD mocktail inspiration. 

Non-alcoholic CBD drink

CBD Mocktail: Ginger Spice


20 cl ginger beer 

2 table spoons of tea-syrup made of turmeric and lemongrass tea from Pukka (instructions on how to make it below)

3 drops of MANTLE The Original Oil 


2 cucumer slices

2 lime slices  


Cube ice


Highball glas or wine glas 


1 - Start of by adding the cucumer slices and one lime slice to the bottom of the wine glas. 

2 - Add cube ice. 

3 - Poor up ginger beer and stir carefully

4 - Garnate with the other lime piece 

5 - Drop MANTLE's The Original Oil on top 

How to make: Tea-syrup

1 - Mix 10 cl agave concentrate and 25 cl of water in a saucepan and then let it boil

2 - Add 5 teabags and remove the saucepan from the heat 

3 - Let cool down for two hours

4 - Strain off and poor up in a glas bottle