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Hi, we're MANTLE

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Hi, we're MANTLE


After several successful startup journeys, MANTLE founders Josefin Landgård and Stina Lönnkvist realized they had down-prioritized their well-being - and that their busy lifestyles and daily demands had taken a toll on both their health and their skin. They began searching for simple but powerful health hacks that could seamlessly fit into their active lives.

When they found the plant ingredient CBD, it was life-changing. However, they couldn’t find the quality they wanted - or a brand they felt they could trust. The quest began to create best CBD in Europe, and after turning down several producers they finally found a Swiss farmer whose organic hemp leaves were sun-grown, hand-picked and cold-pressed with precision to sustain all active plant ingredients. 

When that missing piece of the puzzle was found, Josefin and Stina founded MANTLE - a health and beauty universe for the modern woman, powered by cannabis. 

At MANTLE we believe that rest is productive, and that self-care is a way of taking your power back. Welcome to our world, we look forward getting to know you.