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The Difference Between Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Seed Oil

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The Difference Between Cannabis, CBD & Hemp Seed Oil

There are many names and terms for CBD Oil flying around out there. What oil includes CBD? Which oils don't? What is hemp oil? Hemp seed oil? Cannabis oil? Clearly, there are many reasons to feel confused. Marketing a hyped product may cause people to use the different terms interchangeably - forgetting that we're not all cannabis experts. 

To make it easier for you to understand the CBD marketing, we made a post to clarify what is what and the differences between cannabis oil, CBD oil and hemp seed oil. Let's start with a breakdown of cannabis. 

Two varieties of Cannabis sativa

Cannabis (which people often refer to as marijuana) and hemp are to varieties of the same plant species, Cannabis sativa. 


Cannabis is mainly grown for medical and recreational purposes. The plant contains the psychoactive compound that makes people feel high, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The cannabis plant contains about 17% THC and less than 0.15% CBD on average. 

Hemp plant

The hemp plant on the other hand is grown for a wide range of products. The stalk of the plant can be used to make clothing, produce ropes, paper, fuel, home insulation and alternatives to plastic. Hemp is one of the fastest growing plants and it can be spun into very strong fiber. 

For the hemp to be grown and used legally in many countries it often has to contain less than 0.2-0.3% THC. On the other hand, the plant contains 12-18% CBD on average which makes it very relevant for the CBD industry.  

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds contain no THC and only traces of CBD. Many consider them to be a superfood. The seeds are cold-pressed to produce oil that can be used in cooking (hemp seed milk or granola) and beauty products.

The seeds contain impressive nutritional value, being rich in protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids (amongst them we find omega-3 and omega-6). You can add these seeds to your diet by simply sprinkling whole or ground seeds as a topping on yoghurt or smoothie.

CBD Oil Drops

Cannabis oil 

Can also be labelled as marijuana oil or THC oil and as the same suggests it is derived from the recreational/medicinal cannabis. As it contains THC it is considered a narcotic and illegal in many countries. 

CBD oil

CBD oil is often made from industrial hemp. Compared to recreational/medicinal cannabis grown to make marijuana, hemp does not contain significant amounts of THC. However, it does contain CBD alongside other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBC; CBGA, CBN and CBCA. 

CBD will usually be listed as cannabidiol, full-spectrum hemp, hemp oil or hemp extract among the list of ingredients. CBD oils often have a carrier oil to increase the bioavailability (increasing shelf time and efficacy of the formula) and decrease the potency. 

Hemp Seed oil 

Hemp seed oil or hemp oil can be listed as cannabis sativa seed oil on the list of ingredients. This is an oil you'll find in health food stores or well-stocked supermarkets along side sunflower-, sesame- or jojoba oil. As the same suggests it is extracted from hemp seeds and contains no cannabinoids (no CBD or THC).

CBD oil benefits 

CBD oil vs. Hemp Seed oil  

Now that we have explained the basics let's get to the point. People who take cannabis oil tend to do so of other reasons than those who use CBD- or hemp seed oil. CBD and hemp seed oil are in the same cannabis family and are sometimes mixed up as the same thing. 

CBD oil and hemp seed oil are popular ingredients in beauty products applied topically on the skin. Hemp seed oil can be used on its own as a face oil or added to a product. Sometimes CBD oils are infused with hemp seed oil to boost its effect.

There is growing amounts of research that suggest that CBD has skin-related benefits similar to those of the closely-related hemp seed oil. One of the major differences between CBD products and hemp seed products is that CBD as an ingredient is quite expensive and more active compared to hemp seed oil. 

Some brands have been adding hemp seed to a product and might confuse consumers by highlighting the word cannabis and adding some marijuana leaves on the bottle. This may cause people to think the product contains CBD extract and make them willing to pay a premium.    

Know what you are paying for

We encourage you to know what you are buying! Check how much CBD there is in the CBD oil you want to purchase and if you can't find it you might want to ask what's in the bottle you're paying for. 

At MANTLE we are proud of our CBD oil The Original Oil which contains 10% organic broad-spectrum hemp extract (CBD) and organic MCT (coconut) oil for an easy and fast absorption of the CBD. This Original Oil does not contain any THC.