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Our Story - How and Why MANTLE was Born

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Our Story - How and Why MANTLE was Born

Hi. I’m Josefin Landgård and I’m the CEO of MANTLE.

MANTLE saw the light of day 2020, but the idea of a modern Scandinavian wellness company was born way earlier. I’ve always had a big interest for health and well-being. I grew up in Sweden and as a teenager I was competing professionally in both skiing and golf. After several years as an entrepreneur, I co-founded the healthcare app Kry. The company grew quicker than anyone of us had thought, and after a few years it had become a leading player in the digitalization of primary care in Europe.

As you can imagine, this was an entrepreneurs dream. But it also meant some really hectic and tough years. In the same time I also became a mother of two children. Of course, that too was amazing, but everyday life inevitably changed further. Suddenly there wasn’t much time for recovery, and I realized I needed to find tools to prioritize myself and my well-being. That’s when I became interested in different so called health hacks - simple but powerful routines you can do in your daily life.

I also began to realize I wasn’t the only one having these problems. After working intensely with healthcare, I felt I wanted to move a step back in the chain and work more proactively with health, and switch focus to what we can do to take care of ourselves and create a sustainable lifestyle.

On a holiday in the US I came in contact with CBD, and I experienced it helped me wind down in the evenings and become more balanced in my everyday life. When I returned to Sweden I couldn’t find any products with the quality I was looking for. I also couldn’t find any brand or design I felt spoke to me as a modern woman. That sparked a thought of creating the product that I wanted myself, and so I teamed up with brand strategist, entrepreneur and yoga teacher Stina Lönnkvist. Stina had taught yoga and meditation for several years, and recognized my story - both herself and her students had issues with stress and other challenges that our environment and lifestyle bring.

During 2019 our quest began to create the market’s best and most qualitative CBD oil. When we finally found our dream producer who harvest and extract CBD on the Swiss hillsides, we decided to go all the way. The leafs are handpicked to get the best parts of the plant, and then cold-extracted to keep as much active ingredients as possible. Compare with a pasteurized vs cold-pressed juice - enormous difference! Then the quality and safety is secured by an independent third-party lab, which was important to us.

We named the company MANTLE, from the plant lady’s mantle. Lady’s mantle is a beautiful plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. We love the symbolism in how lady’s mantle is gently collecting dew drops at dawn. We believe in the importance of taking care of ourselves with gentle and sustainable self-care routines. Our health really is the most precious thing we have. (Psst! Check the inside of our box and you’ll notice the lady’s mantle.)

Our first product was launched January 2020 and is a clean, organic CBD oil that we are extremely proud of! We named it The Original Oil and you can take it straight under your tongue or mixed in drinks. Even though we love our Original Oil we will not stop here. We want to continue creating simple and powerful products for your self-care and well-being.

We hope you will like them.