CBD & Skincare Rituals: What You Need to Know

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CBD & Skincare Rituals: What You Need to Know

CBD skincare has seen a rise in popularity during recent years, as people are beginning to appreciate the balancing effects of CBD as a whole. Adding CBD skincare in its various forms to your self-care routine is so simple, and taking care of our skin and general self-care practices has never been more critical than during these uncertain times. Self-care has become a vital ingredient to maintain our physical and mental health, and in ensuring that we make our health a priority. Paying attention to our body can create a sense of fulfilment, and skincare is intrinsically linked to repetitive motions and promoting a state of relaxation. CBD skincare products can enhance this balance, in addition to other compounds in the products releasing aromatic smells, as well as being soothing and antioxidant-rich. In this article, we are going to outline why you should make self-care a priority, and how CBD skincare can be incorporated into your routine.

What are self-care routines?

So, what does self-care mean? It can actually cover a range of factors, and can mean something different to everyone. Mindful says it best: "Self-care means asking yourself what you need, and following through on the honest answer." Human beings are not machines (even though they need CBD-oiling sometimes!), and we need to be honest about our wants and needs. This honesty is your first step to self-care, and can lead to you creating and honing your own unique routine. It's of vital importance to note that in no way does self-care resemble self-indulgence. Merriam Webster's online dictionary defines this term as "excessive or unrestrained gratification of one's own appetites, desires, or whims," therefore equating the term to temporary, and arguably selfish, gratification. On the other hand, self-care is committing to acts that will better you as a person, thanks to your satisfactory and healthy lifestyle changes.

Creating a self-care routine is much easier than you may believe- find a quiet place where you can allow yourself to truly consider what aspects of your life may need improvement. Break up your life into distinct categories, and think what you could change that would improve your general sense of self, in all aspects, for example: your work life, relationships, health, and fitness. Below we have provided some examples of how you can enhance your life by planning acts of self-care.

  • Breathwork: this sounds easy enough, but breathwork can be demanding, as it requires your full attention. It is growing in popularity, especially during these stressful and uncertain times. Adding breath work to your self-care routine could help you to feel more relaxed, less stressed, release negative thoughts, and aid in positive self-development. There are many different breathwork variations. Popular choices can include Shamanic Breathwork, Transformational Breath, and Vivation.
  • Taking up new hobbies: this is an act of self-care that you could combine with spending time with your loved ones. Experiencing learning a new skill can be a bonding moment, as well as expanding your horizons. For example, you could enrol on a massage course with your partner. This could bring you closer through the intimate nature of the massage, as well as help to reduce stress, pain, and tension in your muscles.
  • Mental health: The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get an average of eight hours of sleep per night, and this is vital to our cognitive function and general wellbeing. Setting yourself an earlier bedtime to better your sleep schedule could be the key to your self-care routine. Another popular choice is journaling, or reading a book before bed, and avoiding staring at screens for extended lengths of time after sunset.
  • Physical health: when it comes to physical health, the options for betterment are endless. You may work in an office job that requires you to be in front of a computer all day. Therefore, you may wish to incorporate a daily 30-minute walk into your self-care routine. Another popular choice is to practice yoga, or to follow a simple stretching video online, or even ensuring that you consume a varied and balanced diet. This is vital for maintaining healthy energy levels. 

The point of self-care is to take some time out of your hectic schedule and focus on your needs and health, it needn't be anything dramatic, as otherwise, you may find yourself drifting from your plan. That being said, your plan is no way set in stone, as we here at MANTLE believe that you should listen to your body and mind to stay in tune with your needs- even as they change over time.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an all-natural substance that is derived from the cannabis plant (typically cannabis Sativa). It has grown in popularity in recent years among those within the self-care community. CBD is one of 113 compounds found in the cannabis Sativa plant, along with one of the other most notable compounds - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The latter compound causes the individual to feel a "high" after use, due to its intoxicating properties. On the other hand, CBD boasts no such properties, lending itself to a range of products. CBD oil is made through the extraction from the plant, and it is then diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut, avocado, or hemp seed oil. Take The Original Oil, for example- it contains 10% organic broad-spectrum hemp extract and organic MCT oil from coconut. This makes it completely natural, organic and vegan. To consume it, simply place a few drops underneath your tongue, or into your favourite food or beverage.

CBD skincare


The question on many people's lips is "what is CBD oil good for"? It is a misunderstanding to assume that CBD oil is the only method of administration, as CBD skincare products can be an excellent addition to your self-care routine. This applies to creams, lotions, balms, and oils. So, to answer the previously asked question, CBD carries the potential to bring balance to us. Adding CBD skincare into your routine is a convenient and straightforward process, plus the pleasant aromas of terpenes can allow you to immerse yourself into a pleasurable state of balance. What's more, the combination of carrier oils, phytocannabinoids, and terpenes present in most products can all contribute to a natural and organic skincare regime.

For example, CBD holds potential balancing effects for our skin, all the way down to our pores. Acne can be caused by pores that have become blocked, allowing room for the bacterium propionibacterium acnes to worsen. An excess of sebum can lead to the clogging of pores and can exacerbate acne- this is where CBD could balance the skin. The potential balancing effects of CBD can also add a glow to your skin, making you look as good as you feel. Here at MANTLE, we have created our The Glow Serum with this in mind. Our antioxidant-rich skincare products feature CBD as the premium ingredient, but they’re also full of other active and botanical ingredients to balance the skin. Carrot seed oil is one such essential ingredient, as it has the potential ability to balance your skin and appearance through its antioxidant effects. The combination of this essential oil alongside CBD will leave your skin feeling nourished and glowing.

Another of what we like to call our "hero ingredients" is liquorice root extract. This ingredient is multifaceted in its abilities to help soothe the skin. It has protective properties due to the way the root extract can fight oxidative stress, which is one of the main causes of visible, early ageing. This ingredient can induce a suppleness and freshness to the skin that was not there before. Another well-known possible benefit of the plant is its ability to treat hyperpigmentation, where the skin has an uneven appearance thanks to the overproduction of melanin. This plant root can potentially subvert this process, as well as combating the production of free radicals. Finally, it may also help the skin to produce more antioxidants through its active ingredient in the root: Licochalcone A. This allows your skin to protect itself, and it's perfect for those of you that spend a long time in the sun. Another active hero ingredient included in The Glow Serum is bisabolol. It is originally an oily liquid that makes up one of the main ingredients in chamomile essential oils. It is isolated for the use in cosmetics thanks to its wide-ranging potential benefits. It can enhance the penetration of the other active ingredients, in addition to bringing its own possible benefits to the table. Furthermore, it also possesses properties which are not only good for the skin, but also for maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the skin itself. 

Implementing CBD into your skincare routines

Incorporating CBD skincare into your skincare (and self-care routine) couldn't be easier, thanks to the simple application process. Depending on the product, you simply scoop the desired amount of product into your hands and spread it over the desired areas of your skin, allowing CBD to naturally work its balancing magic. 

CBD skincare and massage

CBD skincare and massages in any form are a fantastic combination. There are a huge variety of types of massages to choose from, and you can select one (or a combination) that would best suit your needs. A Swedish massage is a good choice for those who want to experience a gentle, full-body massage. This is ideal for those of you that are sensitive or new to massage techniques, or if you suffer from tension in the body. The techniques used for this massage include kneading, deep, circular motions, vibration and tapping, and elongated, flowing strokes towards the heart. The gentle movements of any massage on their own may also help in the reduction of muscle knots and pain, as well as promoting relaxation. Another popular choice is a Japanese massage style called the Shiatsu massage that is designed to relieve pain, stress, and tension. It is typically a form of full-body massage, however, sometimes a specific area will be targeted if you require special attention. The hands, thumbs, and palms are used to massage the body, in addition to rhythmic pressure movements. Using CBD skincare products to accompany whatever style of massage you choose can bring balance to your massage-induced relaxation and balanced state of mind. CBD skincare products can come with strong, balancing smells not via CBD itself but via terpenes (aromatic compounds that occur naturally in hemp).  For example, limonene can produce citrus notes, while linalool can produce delightful floral scents. These can help to centre your mind and promote an atmosphere of balance whilst you enjoy your massage. 

Not only this, but regular massage can reduce stress, and this can significantly improve your wellbeing from the inside out. The majority of skin conditions can be exacerbated by stress, such as acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, in addition to premature skin ageing. Feelings of stress and anxiety could lead to a decline in your overall health, which also reflects on the appearance of your skin. Skin health is vital to your overall self-esteem, and combining CBD skincare with massages may balance your overall self-care routine. 

Ensuring that you keep to a regular sleeping pattern and managing stress levels has a possible balancing effect for both our skin and body, much like CBD combined with the aromas of terpenes. Setting time aside for you and a loved one to learn a new skill (such as the art of massage) may bring you closer and bring your body and mind into balance once more. If you would prefer to administer the massage yourself, then try MANTLE's ‘The Dream Mask.’ Enjoy the simple, repetitive circular motions as you gently rub the mask over your face, paying particular attention to your pressure points. You could combine this with meeting your friends for a self-care night that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, both in body and mind. Another rejuvenating self-care option is a hand massage, and this is another act of self-care that you can administer yourself! There are numerous potential benefits to regular hand massages; there have been reports that on its own it may reduce anxiety levels, improve your sleep and mood, reduce pain, and increase the strength of your grip. If you would prefer an oily substance over lotion, then consider using our The Original Oil; as this will allow for a more effortless glide during the massage and will not cause any painful friction.  

CBD skincare and bath time

The combination of bath time and self-care has been long practised, and enjoyed, by many people. You can set some well-deserved time aside for yourself to sit back and relax, with warm water and divine smells surrounding you. You can also take the time to combine your skincare ritual with your self-care plan, as reading your favourite book or magazine in the bath may help expand your horizons and promote a moment of calm. Some people like to infuse their bath time with hemp candles or CBD bath bombs, allowing the sweet smells to balance you from the inside out. If you are not a fan of bath bombs, you can reap the potential balancing effects of CBD afterwards. Here at MANTLE, we believe that relaxation and balance does not end once you get out of the bath or shower. This is where our The Calm Balm comes in, as it can be a great addition to your post-bath skin care rituals. The Calm Balm is best used on those terminally-dry parts of the body, such as our cuticles, elbows, and lips- though anywhere where you’ve noticed dry skin it is also applicable. It's designed to moisturize dry skin. In addition to antioxidant-rich CBD, it's infused with skin-softening ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E, and bisabolol (a soothing oil). Taking the time to find balance with CBD skincare products and inhaling their scents can centre us. The best thing about bath time? It can ultimately allow your inner clam to reflect through your skin.

Self-care with CBD 

Looking after your skin is an invaluable form of self-care, restoring you from the outside in. And we aren’t just saying this for no reason: studies have shown that there’s a direct correlation between skincare and wellbeing. The process of repetitively massaging the skin has been shown to spike levels of the hormone oxytocin- a hormone often released as a sign of well being and contentment. 

The very act of being kind to oneself, whether it’s by taking a hot bath, eating a healthy meal, or massaging a beloved skin-care ingredient onto the face, can be incredibly important in reflecting how we value ourselves. We might find that, as we layer that occlusive over our moisturiser, we are, essentially, layering up little symbols of self-love upon ourselves. Eventually, these little actions build up to a self-care summit- as we start to look better on the outside, we will surely start to feel better inside, too.