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What's the Hype With CBD in Skincare?

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What's the Hype With CBD in Skincare?

CBD skincare is one thing you might be hearing about more often. Since its recent breakthrough into the mainstream, the ever-versatile compound cannabidiol (CBD) has launched itself into the world of skincare, and we, at MANTLE, couldn’t be happier. Potentially balancing already existing ingredients (those which you might recognise in your skincare products), CBD has shown to play a role in making hyaluronic acids more hydrating, balancing the moisturising properties of shea butter, working alongside the revitalisation of niacinamide, and, of course, contributing its own set of unique possible skincare balancing properties. What are these properties? You might have heard that antioxidants are great for the skin- and lucky for our customers, at MANTLE, our skincare range is packed full of antioxidative ingredients from niacinamide (a variant of vitamin B) to sea buckthorn (all-natural and packed full of healing properties).

Since anecdotes have taught us that antioxidants are one of the most critical factors in maintaining skin health, contributing to stronger, clearer and more supple skin, we’re not surprised that antioxidants used in tandem with CBD have been introduced to the skincare world.

More antioxidants also mean lower levels of acne, less scarring and hyperpigmentation, and a significant decrease in wrinkles. Not to mention, many CBD-infused skincare products contain more antioxidants than previous key players, such as Vitamins A, D and C, rendering these products some of the most antioxidant-rich in terms of non-CBD ingredients out there. With CBD as a critical ingredient in your skincare routine, your skin cells have the opportunity to become saturated with a dose of balance. It goes without saying that beautiful, balanced skin is often the result of a high-quality skincare routine, using premium products. 

The Effects Of MANTLE’s CBD-Infused Skincare

It might not be a surprise that CBD skincare is all we can discuss, here at MANTLE. In fact, we’re so convinced by the power of infusing CBD into our skincare routine that we just had to make our own premium skincare range, with three premium products to suit your skin’s daily (and nightly) needs. The Calm Balm (for nourishment at any time), The Glow Serum (for that antioxidative morning glow which will last you the whole day) and The Dream Mask (your perfect bedtime partner to soak into the deepest layers of your skin cells while you sleep) will have you covered for the whole 24 hours. This is because we understand the value of having good skin twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our products give you the opportunity to effortlessly nurture your complexion, day and night, without you needing to do too much. But we can’t pat ourselves on the back too much: we have CBD to thank for potentially balancing the integrity of our natural star ingredients, while lasting long enough to make sure that all our products are well worth investing in your skin. 

Whether its hydration and youthfulness you seek, or simply an untried solution to that acne flare-up, CBD is an incredible product for unlocking balanced and hydrated skin. And here’s why.


Using ingredients such as CBD in your skincare can seriously balance your skin, while other antioxidant-infused ingredients in many skincare products may improve your chances against long-term free-radical damage. We’ve talked a little about our skincare range, but let’s take some time to really go into detail on which specific antioxidants we, here at MANTLE, have chosen to infuse into our products:

  • Niacinamide
  • Buckthorn
  • Vitamin E
  • Bakuchiol
  • Liquorice root

There’s a strong reason why so many dermatologists go crazy over the power of a good antioxidant. It’s because antioxidants have so many versatile qualities in which they can help maintain healthy skin. It just so happens that CBD-infused products typically contain powerful antioxidants, making them effective skincare products. This is because antioxidants may help to balance destructive molecules, known as free radicals, which are responsible for damaging skin health.

Free Radicals

Our skin cells are continually producing oxidised molecules, better known as free radicals. The controlled production of these oxidised free radicals is a good sign of our skin cells working as they should. Since free radicals are naturally produced when the skin cells undergo normal processes such as respiration, they can be seen as an important sign of a healthy skin-system.

However, too many free radicals can cause destruction- especially when there aren’t enough antioxidants to combat the accumulation of free radicals in the skin. Since free radicals are oxidised molecules, which means that there will always be an extra, unpaired electron in their shell: they are extremely unbalanced, and willing to react with any molecule in order to stabilise. In other words, a free radical needs to steal an electron from another molecule to be ‘stable’. This extra electron is the reason why having a high ratio of free radicals can become incredibly destructive. Stealing electrons from other molecules which are ‘healthy’ can, in turn, transform balanced molecules into unstable molecules, which are highly reactive- when these free radicals react without restraint, a chain reaction known as oxidative stress can occur. 

Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress due to too many free radicals can, potentially, cause damage to the skin by causing long-term destruction to fatty tissues, DNA, lipids, and proteins. Research shows us that oxidative stress is a significant contributor to ageing skin. Since oxidative stress modifies the skin’s lipids, proteins, and DNA, this can cause a destruction of collagen and elastic fibres responsible for keeping the skin smooth and tight, lower levels of hydration, causing dryness and sensitivity, and duller skin. 

Increased and overwhelming free radical exposure can cause prolonged oxidative stress which may cause more severe conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. In some instances, constant exposure to oxidative stress can lead to skin cancer. 

CBD for anxiety

Pollution and Free Radicals

Usually, the free radicals made as by-products of the skin cells undergoing their typical processes are well-controlled by the naturally-occurring antioxidants in the body. 

Unfortunately, it’s not only naturally-occurring free radicals (produced as a by-product in the skin cells) which are the most worrying factor. See, free radicals can become more frequent if you live in areas which contain higher levels of pollution. Pollution-particles, and, subsequently, particles of smog, dust, radiation, harsh chemicals and even those present in the sun’s UV rays, are composed of skin-damaging free radicals. So, if you’re in a big city rife with pollutants, or find yourself spending more time in the sun (without the protective layer of an SPF), you may find that your skin is exposed to pesky, electron-snatching, free radicals. 

It sounds like a horror story, but one with an easy solution. Skincare ingredients such as CBD, infused with a protective layer of antioxidants (among other natural ingredients), can boost the balance of your skin. CBD is also notable for balancing skin, which makes it the perfect ingredient to suit a busy lifestyle.

How Do Antioxidants Work?

When combined with the balancing effects of CBD, these antioxidants are especially beneficial for your skin. This is because CBD works well with a host of natural antioxidants, boosting its balancing properties, and making the skin feel plump, moisturised, and hydrated. 

Antioxidants can also be found in foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which are often high in vitamins C and E; which is why you might have heard that certain foods (high in antioxidants) can be good for your skin. However, eating your antioxidants might not improve skin health as quickly or effectively as directly applying them to your skin, since every part of the body, not just the skin, needs these antioxidants to balance free radical levels. So, it’ll do you good to eat those greens, but don’t expect your skin to start tightening, hydrating, and glowing after one piece of broccoli with dinner, and a skipped skincare routine (no antioxidants, no SPF? That broccoli can’t save you!) Investing in your skin is as essential as investing in healthy eating, and the two usually work best- intrinsically and extrinsically- when combined.

So, here at MANTLE, our combination of incredible antioxidants means we pack that revitalising punch into every one of our skincare products. We value the integrity of every great antioxidant, but combining many different antioxidants, with CBD, into each of our three products? Well, it definitely packs a punch. 

Natural Skincare for Acne

CBD can also have balancing effects: good news for people with oily, acne-prone skin. If you’re suffering from acne, breakouts or maybe just want that glow for your skin. You might find yourself reaching for quick fixes or homemade remedies- only to end up worse off than how you started. Usually, when we find ourselves putting any old thing, or the wrong ratio of ingredients, onto our skin, we can end up with allergic reactions, rashes and breakouts: definitely not the solution to go for! But, rest assured, with MANTLE, you’re guaranteed good quality, well-balanced ingredients in each bottle, with a host of ethically sourced, natural ingredients to boot.  

See, we believe that a good product requires a range of unique ingredients, so that you can feel good knowing your skincare has many excellent properties and benefits. We also value your skin, enough to acquaint our customers with the best quality of ingredients and optimal ratios to ensure that our products are broad-spectrum; you can know that each ingredient in a MANTLE product is working to balance your skin. That’s why we combine our CBD products with a hand-picked ratio of natural, high-quality ingredients to make each bottle well worth your time. 

Since acne is one of the main problems that our customers face, be it seasonal, hormonal or ongoing, our products are optimally designed to help soothe, balance, and hydrate the skin- all perfect qualities to remove those breakouts and keep your skin gorgeous.

Prevents Excess Oil 

All skin produces sebum, which is a waxy, oily substance that the skin makes to keep the skin lubricated and protected. Some skin types produce more sebum than necessary, which tends to mix with dirt and pollutants, clogging the pores. Clogged pores are the cause of acne; since bacteria tends to develop where dirt is sitting against the skin, creating a warm, moist environment. Most CBD skincare products seek to balance acne by balancing the amount of sebum the skin produced. Applying CBD to the skin balances the skin’s hydration levels (meaning that the sebaceous glands don’t need to produce excess sebum to overcompensate for dry skin).

All-natural skin care products may be especially useful in balancing acne. When combined with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid for skin hydration, niacinamide for improving skin texture and cell turnover, and bakuchiol for soothing, smoothing, and softening the skin, we imagine that our CBD-infused skincare products are potentially powerful contenders when it comes to balancing your skin. 

Skin Hydration

Skin hydration is often misunderstood and underrated- but, after reading this, no longer (we hope)! Hydrated skin is very different to moisturised skin. Dry skin is usually unmoisturised; whereas dehydrated skin requires water, and can be the insidious cause of things like acne, oily skin, dullness, dryness, dark circles, and wrinkles. Usually, you can’t have moisturised skin without hydrated skin, first, since the point of a moisturiser is to lock the water content into your skin without letting that water evaporate out of the skin cells (hence why it’s often a great idea to apply your moisturiser when your face is slightly damp- it locks in the hydration through moisturising your skin). 

Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised is fantastic when it comes to reducing oily skin- which is often the cause of acne breakouts. Hydrated skin means that the sebaceous glands don’t need to overcompensate for skin dryness, meaning fewer clogged pores. Ideal!


hydrating products, also known as humectants, which pull water from the air and into your skin cells, keep your skin healthy, soft, youthful, and glowy. They are the stars of the skincare game.

At MANTLE, we value the integrity of a good humectant- we believe every single skin-type can benefit from a routine packed with humectants. You can’t have too much hydration in your skincare routine and layering your humectants is the best way to get that juicy, plump skin. This is why our skincare products are packed with humectants such as hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, vitamin E, and even shea butter to seal in all that moisture (you don’t want that water to evaporate out of your skin). Add these superstar humectants in a skincare bottle with CBD, and you have a product which can pack a hydrating, balancing, and glowy punch. Since CBD and humectants are like yin and yang to us, here at MANTLE: you can’t have one without the other.

Humectants work by forming hydrogen bonds with the water present in the air. These hydrogen-loving molecules attract water to saturate the upper layer of the skin, called the epidermis, with hydration. Since hydrated skin is one of the best ways to make the skin glow, a great humectant can do wonders for the complexion. Humectants may help to possibly soothe inflammation, making them vital for a range of different needs.

Choosing The Right Product

Finding a skincare product which works for you is paramount to healthy, nourished skin. For the majority, finding a new skincare product can be made easier by looking at the ingredients and seeing which have worked for you before. You usually can’t go wrong with a product packed with hydration and moisturising ingredients, since a whole host of skincare problems, such as acne, inflammation, dryness, and sensitivity tend to be caused by lack of water in the skin cells. Keeping and retaining moisturised and hydrated skin using products packed with vitamin B, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid is important. Not only do these ingredients help to hydrate the skin, but the occlusive properties of the creams and balms they come in, make them the perfect skincare package.

Similarly, a product packed with antioxidants, such as those in our MANTLE skincare rage, is usually perfect for people suffering from dry, dull, or inflamed skin. Antioxidants are vital when it comes to keeping the skin healthy and nourished for the long-term. They are also paramount for all of us with busy, active lives. We often don’t realise how insidious chemicals, pollutants, dust, smoke and even sun-rays can be. Still, they play a massive role in diminishing skin-health and contribute to a range of skin issues ranging from dry, dull skin to more severe conditions. The right skin care product, one which values its customers, will recognise that antioxidative ingredients are necessary and compensate by packing in more than one.

Lastly, a product is usually a great fit for a range of different skin types when it contains pure, natural ingredients. No matter what else is said, it’s best to keep your skincare simple, clean, and not too complicated. 

CBD: Keeping Skincare Simple 

Infusing CBD into your skincare routine might be the perfect way to balance the skin. Since CBD is one of the best ingredients out there to balance and centre the body and mind, infusing it into your skincare might just have the same effects on your skin.

We, at MANTLE, all agree: maintaining balance from the inside out has never been easier. CBD keeps it simple, and that’s why we love it.